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People from over 30 countries have joined the VIP Club, and the reason why is simple: life is busy. You don’t have time to chase IELTS materials. Urgent things come up at work, studies or home, and your IELTS prep gets pushed aside. It’s so hard to get progress! This is where VIP Club comes in. We help everyone fit IELTS preparation in any hectic day. Whenever you check your email, the VIP content is right there, with your daily dose of IELTS preparation. We make sure that every day there is one simple thing you can do, almost effortlessly, to progress in your IELTS learning.

Our emails are consistently opened by more than 75% of VIP members – the industry average is less than 18%(!) This clearly shows the amount of interest and anticipation from people, and how helpful they consider VIP content to be.

And here is what they say when we ask: “Hey, what do you think of your VIP membership?”

I got a lot of help from I read a couple of band 8/9 example essays every day and also checked writing task 1 examples. I used a copy book to write the new words and their meaning in it. Even 5-10 words a day or every second day ads up. Then I did a lot of reading practice and used ‘Target Band 7′ book and it strategies. I am very thankful for all your help, I got a band 8!”

Dorottya K, VIP member since July 2023

“…I passed my IELTS (General) with an overall band of 7.5. About 3 months ago I looked up IELTS websites and settled on one, and you happened to be my choice. The practice tests were instrumental in my preparation and were definitely a good investment for me. God bless you as you continue to help others.”

Georgina W, VIP member since February 2023

The mock tests on the IELTS Online Prep platform were 100% similar to the real IELTS test, and this was the most valuable part for me. I found the model answers on the VIP Club website very useful, with relevant examples for both the writing and speaking sections with great vocabulary. I couldn’t have reached my goal (Band 7) without reading and practicing on your website.”

Victor M, VIP member since August 2023

“…I greatly benefited from VIP content in my preparation efforts, and similar questions were asked in my speaking interview. It is a really a helpful platform for IELTS exam preparation.”

Mozammal H, VIP Member since February 2023

“…I think the most important thing is to do mock exams as much as possible. I practiced the ones on your website and I went from Band 7 to 9 in listening and reading.”

Chloe C, VIP Member since may 2023

“The service that you offer is wonderful. I enjoy your information as I teach adults to converse in English. They also like to practice their reading and writing, so I use your materials to help them with that.”

Lauren M, founding VIP Member since November 2022

The website is very useful, but the emails are the best. l cannot spend a lot of time on IELTS because of overloading at work, but you remind me daily. Therefore, l can follow all content from my mailbox.

Ayse o, founding VIP Member since November 2022

“…The VIP website is easy to use and very helpful. The model answers and essay samples are instrumental. I try to learn them and ‘catch’ the correct essay structure. Then, I use the benefits available to the VIP members. I’ve spent a lot of money and time learning English [on other websites]. But I wouldn’t say I liked their methods of teaching. Your blog is the best way to learn English for me.”

Marina K, VIP member since November 2022

“The model answers are really helping, expressing how to approach each type of question. The topics in model answers are real time exam topics as I have seen quite a few, it’s really good. I have used VIP member benefits, and they are impressive as compared to others who claim to provide high level material.”

Ali S, VIP member since March 2023

“I am glad to be a VIP member of IELTS blog. Essay samples and letters are really helpful, as I am preparing for IELTS and I’m thinking of taking the test this year.”

Fouzia C, FOUNDING VIP member since NOVEMBER 2022

“I am really grateful for this service. It has been helping me a lot. I usually read and refer to model answers to practice myself. The website is easy to access anytime and I benefit from it a lot to develop and prepare myself for the exam.”

Sanduni K, VIP member since May 2023

“…The response templates you send help me in my daily life. I use them when I talk to people. Of course, I vary them and practice speaking.The topics are very interesting and actual. I want to thank you for the effective help in preparing for the exam. And also for help in learning the correct language and its features.”

Mila B, VIP Member since January 2023

“…The content is very interesting. Let me tell you that you are giving a lot of help and doing your best. Just keep working this way and be sure you are the best. I have tried a lot of other websites but you are my favorite one.

Ikram O, VIP Member since February 2023

“…The content is very good and it helps a lot.

Yolandi H, ESL teacher, and VIP member since January 2023

“It was good learning from you through mails. I wanted good native English lessons and
I thoroughly enjoyed everything.”

Kamal P, founding VIP member since November 2022

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