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IELTS Speaking Test in Italy (Part 3, Movies and Cinema)

The questions below were shared by a student who took the IELTS test in Italy. Here are some model answers, to show you how you might respond to those questions: Speaking Part 3 (Discussion) 1. What do you think about watching movies at the cinema? In my opinion, watching a movie at the cinema is an experience like no other. From the moment you step into the theatre, you are surrounded by a unique atmosphere and ambience that can’t be replicated anywhere else. The big screen, surround sound, reclining chairs and comfy seats make it easy to get lost in the movie. Beyond that, it’s also a great way to bond with friends or family as you share laughs, snacks and memorable moments together. 2. Do you think more people are watching movies at the cinema now compared to the… Read More »IELTS Speaking Test in Italy (Part 3, Movies and Cinema)

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