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IELTS Speaking Test in Pakistan (Part 1, Daily Routine + Workplace)

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The questions below were shared by a student who took the IELTS test in Pakistan. Here are some model answers, to show you how you might respond to those questions: Speaking Part 1 (Interview) 1. What do you normally do in the afternoon? I usually take a break from work in the afternoon and make sure to spend some time outside. I’ll often go for a walk around the neighbourhood, taking in the sights and sounds of my city. In the afternoons, it’s also a great time for me to catch up on things I wasn’t able to attend to during my work day. I often use this time to read the news or catch up with friends and family that I haven’t spoken to recently. Additionally, if I have any errands or personal tasks that need attention, this is… Read More »IELTS Speaking Test in Pakistan (Part 1, Daily Routine + Workplace)

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