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IELTS Speaking Test in Pakistan (Part 1, Movies and Clothes)

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The questions below were shared by a student who took the IELTS test in Pakistan. Here are some model answers, to show you how you might respond to those questions: Speaking Part 1 (Interview) What do you like about your hometown? Well, to start of it’s a beautiful place with a mix of cultures, and cuisines. It’s a city in which you can meet people from all walks of life. And the best part is that the food scene is incredible, thanks to this cultural diversity. Let’s talk about movies. What kind of movies do you like? I have a soft spot for romantic comedies. It’s nice to watch when you just want to relax and unwind, and you don’t want to burden your mind with something too complex. It’s just nice dependable fun. Did you go to the cinema… Read More »IELTS Speaking Test in Pakistan (Part 1, Movies and Clothes)

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