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IELTS Speaking Test in the UAE (Part 1, Work + Routine)

The questions below were shared by a student who took the IELTS test in the UAE. Here are some model answers, to show you how you might respond to those questions: Speaking Part 1 (Interview) 1. What do you do for work? I’m a software engineer, specializing in developing web-based applications and databases. I’ve been doing this kind of work since graduating from college seven years ago, and I can confidently say that I’m quite knowledgeable in the field. 2. What are your responsibilities at work? My primary responsibility is to design, develop, and maintain web-based applications and databases according to client specifications and provide technical support when needed. I also have to review requirements documents from clients before starting any project and develop detailed specifications for each application or database. 3. Do you think everyone should work really hard?… Read More »IELTS Speaking Test in the UAE (Part 1, Work + Routine)

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